Proxy server in Brazil, region Parana

You can export proxy list for Parana in txt format.

All this proxies are public which we collect from the internet.

Each proxy is checked on the set of parameters - availability, type, country, type of anonymity.

HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4 proxy, SOCKS 5 proxy for the Brazil, Parana

We found 4 proxies for country: Brazil, Parana.

IP / PortCountryRegionCityPing, msProxy levelProxy typeLast Check Brazil ParanaMatelandia1.22Transparenthttp socks4 socks50:46:27 Brazil ParanaCuritiba1.20Transparenthttp socks4 socks51:13:52 Brazil ParanaMaringá2.21Transparenthttp socks4 socks54:1:58 Brazil ParanaCuritiba1.20Transparenthttp socks4 socks54:13:16
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